Hello my name is Jessica and I am a certified Montessori school teacher. After being an educator for 6 years teaching fourth, fifth and sixth grades in Brooklyn, New York, I decided there may be another way to help children and their parents.

The idea for Healthy Heads NYC was born out of the first hand experience of being a parent whose child had contracted head lice. We thought we had gotten away with "it". Our daughter was 13 years old and had never contracted head lice. Whew! But then "it" happened. She began complaining of an itchy scalp. Repeated treatments with dandruff shampoo over the next few days did not ease her discomfort. A closer examination of her thick, long bountiful curls confirmed my worst fears... my daughter had it!

Now while having head lice is not at all life threatening, it sure can add a "sprinkle of stress" to anyone's busy schedule. Reacting like most parents would, we desperately treated her at first with an over-the-counter chemical treatment. Much to our horror, that treatment was not a cure. I say "horror" because up to that point I had always parented my children limiting their exposure to all medications and encouraging a healthy diet of whole foods. In fact, over the next 14 days we applied 2 additional chemical treatments, nit-picked for hours, tried home remedies such as mayonnaise and olive oil, had 3 days of missed school (and work), washed and dried over 50 loads of laundry, heard repeated cries of "I hate you mom and dad" as we forced our daughter to have her hair cut short, spent $134 at the drugstore, and SHE STILL HAD IT!! My poor baby, because as exhausted as I was from the extra chores and nit-picking, so was she.

Contemplating having her endure what would be her 4th chemical treatment in 2 weeks, I decided against it for the following reason. These products were not working!! Now I was a mom on a mission. I told my husband there had to be a safe, natural and more effective way to treat lice. After all, I only wanted my daughter to have a healthy head.

Meanwhile, my daughter was speaking in secrecy to one of her classmates, sharing her recent lack of "hair feng shui" (as my husband likes to say). Her friend, asking for the same promise not to tell, confided that she too had caught hair lice, but no longer had it. Indeed, my daughter's friend had been taken to the home of a woman that specialized in hair lice removal using a systematic method of combing, and she was rid of it in 24 hours. After countless hours of researching to understand the biology of the louse, exciting I know, and learning about what was really necessary as far as cleaning of the home and environment my daughter came to me with her news. I needed to find that woman, and I did.

After a single visit we were cured, and the gratitude I felt was strong, as my daughter's self-esteem returned. I continued to feel remorseful about having subjected her to the traditional OTC chemical treatments, but like so many other parents I thought I was doing the right thing. I found myself sharing with other people about what I had learned during our experience, and I liked it. In a very strange way I actually missed the nit-picking. After all it was gratifying finding and removing those pesky parasites and nits. Hence the idea for a business was born.