Lice Removal Services - Evaluate, Nit-Pick, Educate

You can make an appointment to visit our private and comfortable "home-based" office. House calls are also available with an additional travel charge. We offer flexible schedules including nights and weekends. You can call or e-mail us for pricing.


We manually screen hair for lice and nits to determine the severity of the infestation. We recommend having every member of the household including caregivers, checked for head lice and nits to prevent re-infestation. Family members who don't show any evidence of the lice or nits do not need to be treated.


The most effective solution; we treat head lice by removing the parasites (lice) and nits (eggs) with a safe, efficient and effective manual removal process. We use a proven combination of natural, non-toxic products, specialized combs, and a thorough systematic method of manual combing to eradicate lice and nits. After this process the client is given a clean Healthy Heads NYC t-shirt to wear, our gift. This is to avoid any post treatment contact between the client's hair and contaminated clothing. Then the final re-check is performed to ensure all nits and lice were removed. Upon completion of lice removal services, the client will receive a HH certificate stating that any head lice that were present have been cleared. The client is also entitled to have 2 re-checks. The first will take place 3-5 days after initial treatment and the second, no later than 14 days after initial treatment.


During the lice removal process, we will provide free consultation on how to care for your environment as well as tips on how to prevent re-infestation. As clients, you will also receive a detailed checklist so that you may have all of the necessary information at your fingertips.

Head checks

Head lice and nits can be hard to detect, especially if you don't know exactly what to look for. We are happy to complete a thorough inspection for lice and nits. We try to make this as affordable as possible. The head-check inspection fee is $50 and covers up to 5 family members during this visit. If any head lice or nits are found and you decide to use our removal services, the head-check fee will be applied to the lice removal services beginning from the start of the appointment.

Healthy Heads NYC Proactive Screening Program

Once a head lice outbreak occurs, panic takes over. Parents become hysterical and blame gets shifted. Fear sets in that these contagious pesky parasites will get to their children and the rest of their household.

This program is predicated on the fact that in order to contain head-lice outbreaks at any facility, there needs to be a thorough plan in place. As a mom of middle-school-aged children, I believe this is key.

Arrange for Healthy Heads NYC to visit your school, day care, or camp facility. Please contact us for details about our proactive screening programs.